Writers' and Translators' House in Käsmu

Lies 78 km east of Tallinn, on the seaside-territory of Lahemaa National Park in fishermen´s and shipbuilders´ village Käsmu. In the freshly renovated “captain´s house” from the beginning of century functions from September 1997 on a writers´and translators´ house, administred by the Estonian Writers´ Union. The House offers place, consisting of working and sleeping rooms plus toilet and bathroom, to four persons simultanuously. 
Vaata lähemalt! Vaata lähemalt! Vaata lähemalt!

A well-equipped kitchen (“do-it-yourself”), dining room, library and sauna are in common use. Near the house is a post-office, wifi connection available, there is bus-connection to Tallinn. 
As a traditional summer-holiday-resort Käsmu is at it´s best (not at the quietest) in summer-time.

Vaata lähemalt! Vaata lähemalt!

Those looking for piece and quietness for literary work find the combination with nature´s beauty and the majesty of the sea unique especially in spring, winter and autumn. The house is running year around. 
The stay has to be appointed in due time through the Estonian Writers´ Union.